How to play MONKEY AND BANANA game?

You are faced with a game that you can play with your friend! So the fun will be twice as much! But if you don't have a friend, you can also play against the computer. Even that is enough for you to beat easily.
In this game, your character is a monkey! Yes this will be a lot of fun. Monkeys are very affectionate animals. You will try to reach bananas, the favorite thing of monkeys.
The gameplay is very simple. You will press the dice you see on the right of the screen and proceed as much as the number you throw.
If you come to the red arrows, you will return to where the arrow is pointing. If you get to the green arrows, you will move to where the arrow points.
A little bit of luck. So who counts on their luck? Who can get the bananas first? Is it you or your friend? Let's see who's more hungry!
Good luck, monkeys!



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