How to play MY PIZZA OUTLET game?

You will feel like you can smell a great pizza even on the cover art of this game. We are sure of that. Doesn't eating pizza constantly cause you to be bored somewhere? Let's make those great pizzas in this game.
You have to look at the red phone to take your first order. The order you have received will be written at the top left of the screen. Start by choosing the dough and make sure it fits the order.
Which of the various pastries will your customers choose? This is a very intriguing game! Which of you will make the best pizza? Anyone who is confident should play this game!
You will see all the ingredients you need while making your dough on the table. All you have to do is mix them together. You will then need to roll out your dough and shape it into the shape the customer wants. Don't worry, it's all on the order paper.
Then you need to prepare the inside of the pizza. You need to add tomatoes, peppers, salt and garlic.
You have to play and see the other stages yourself. Let's see if the customer likes the pizza you make. Come and play to see this! Have fun!



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