How to play MY PONY DESIGNER game?

Pony has decided to make a change. A change from start to finish! He came to you for this. He trusts your style and knows you are successful. He leaves himself completely up to you. You can design as you wish. Recreate Pony!
In the first option, you will choose their hair. Will you choose blown hair or short hair? Pick whichever you fit best and start choosing its tail. Again, there are many types like hair. You should choose the one you like the most!
Then of course he has horns and ears. Does a long horn look better or is it short? What about his ears?
After all, you have to choose your eyes. There are colorful eyes that reflect various emotions. Which one best suits Ponie?
After choosing everything else, another great feature will come! You will be able to change the pony's color! If you don't want it to be pink, there are many more colors to choose from.
After this stage, select the background and now Pony is ready! Take a photo of it and complete the game.
Have fun!


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