How to play NAIL SALON FOR ANIMALS game?

Do you think nail care of animals is a fun idea? If your answer is yes, this game is for you. Owners of 3 animals that you can choose whatever you want brought them to you for nail care. Do your part and let them leave satisfied.
File and polish your nails. Then choose a make-up nail and paste them. Which nail shape do you think will make a paw the best? We are also wondering what you will choose. Come and show us your choice!
Then comes the funniest part! You will apply nail polish to your nails and decorate them. Make sure you will do this easily. After painting the color you want, you can pour glitter. You can even add patterns.
There are even stickers to make the nails look better. Did you know that? Stick these stickers on the nail too and prove that you are a great hairdresser. Have fun! These cute little paws are entrusted to you!




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