How to play Neon Hockey game?

Hockey masters here! Get a friend who knows this game as well as you and enjoy the fun in two-player mode. For those who do not know, let's explain.
You have blue and red circles and green balls. Choose your color and start the game. You cannot go further than the middle line that divides the board in half. The ball can reach anywhere. Your goal is to get the ball into your opponent's goal.
Every ball you throw will be written as a score and you will be able to see it on the board. This game full of neon lights will keep your attention alive and will not disturb your focus. You should play this game that appeals to the eyes with your friend.
This game, at least as fun as the truth, actually seems to be difficult. But even a child can play! Get ready for fun and competition! Bury the opponent in the field, defeat him! Good luck and have fun!


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