How to play Neon Slimes game?

The neon slime got into a fight! Let's see what they are doing!
These two cute little creatures are in a dispute over their toys. The problem between the two has grown day by day. They couldn't even get one step closer to the solution. Now when they started hurting each other, his family told them this way. Remember, the world of neons is very different from ours!
The two of them try to throw the other off the track while paying attention to the obstacles in one arena. Meanwhile, viruses are raining from above! Neons have to constantly jump and escape from them. Falling off the track loses the game and the other wins a score.
Other interesting features of the characters are that they get crushed when they step on each other! They are not crushed and killed, but their movements are restricted for a while. For example, they cannot jump as high as before.
The keys to be played appear on the start screen of the game. Save your toy from other neon and put an end to this fight!
Good luck and have fun!


Player 1: WASD 

Player 2: Arrow Keys


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