How to play NOOB VS 1000 ZOMBIES! games 

If you want to fight against zombies, a game is waiting for you. Noob wants to help the sheep but the Zombies set the forest on fire. Herd sheep. Complete deadly trials with traps for zombies. Go down to the bottom of the Hidden Mine. Find a desperate sheep. Enjoy Noob's jokes and silly quirks. What are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in some adventures and become the hero of a brand new story. Game features: . Addictive extended gameplay: shoot zombies with your short arc, earn money, watch cartoon animations, get 1234 lucky blocks, do silly things and be part of a breathtaking adventure all at the same time! . Lots of unique funny, interesting and scary levels. Dozens of in-game characters you can kill. Lots of weapons for the noob, Funny in-game Comics! . Different biomes around the world: friendly grass, deadly sand, cold snow, scary mines and much more good luck.


Mouse or Tap 

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