How to play Oil Wrestling game?

Of course, there are those who do not play wrestling before, and those who do not know. But with this game, you can learn and add fun to your entertainment. There is also a two player mode if you want.
Your opponent and your arms are intertwined. Your aim is to lay him down before the opponent. Yes, you didn't hear it wrong. Whoever's back touches the ground first loses.
Being strong is very strong in this sport. Strategy is very important in the game. You have to do it before the opponent moves to you.
There are spectators in the back. They all love the sport of wrestling! They cheer you on and provide motivation.
Pay attention to the surrounding objects. They can break when wrestling!
You can increase the fun and excitement even more in this game that you can play with your friend. Good luck wrestlers! Have fun!


Player 1: “W,A,S,D and ''T

Player 2: “ARROW KEYS'' and ''P

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