How to play Paper Flight 2 game?

Have you ever made a paper airplane and flew it? Every child has done this at least once in their life. Now it's time to virtually play with these planes! Remember the past by playing this game!
You will have a paper plane in the game. You will have to fly this plane the farthest using your mouse. You can upgrade your plane again with your mouse. But if you raise it too much, you may be caught in electric currents. If this happens, your plane will not take off more.
At the same time, you must collect the stars in space to increase your score! These stars will increase your score and you will have a more successful flight. If you want, you can upgrade your plane or change its color.
Also watch out for flying birds and helicopters! These will slow down your plane. You should also pay attention to the fuel of your paper plane. Good luck.



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