How to play Parking Slot game?

Don't hit the walls and park your car fully! In this game, you will park your car in the specified location with 3D graphics and you will become a master driver over time!
The game has a new game option and the option to navigate between levels. If you have just started the game, you can use the new game option, if you want to return to the old levels and complete it with three stars, you can use the option to navigate between levels.
While parking your car in the designated area, you should watch out for other parked vehicles, walls and obstacles. You must finish the level before the time given to you runs out. You can view your car and the parking lot from various angles using your mouse while parking. This makes your job even easier!
Will you be able to finish every level in this game with three stars? Good luck.


WASD or Arrow keys and Mouse

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