How to play PET WASH game?

What are these three cute animals waiting for? Of course you should wash them! Owners of these lovely animals brought them to you to care for. Take care of them!
You can choose any animal you want. Choose whichever is the sweetest for you. But once we pick it, we can't say they're that sweet. Come and see for yourself why!
Go through the stages one by one and carefully care for each stage. These little friends of ours must be clean! Foam them and rinse. You will see how beautiful her feathers will be!
Dry and comb his feathers. Your work is not done yet! These animals' teeth need care too! Get rid of dirt and brush your teeth. They will never be in a bad mood. So you can scrub easily!
Of course, your feet also need care. This job seems easy but takes a long time! You animal lovers can handle this easily!
Have fun!



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