How to play PHASE 10 game?

Welcome to the Phase 10 card game! With this game, you will enjoy crushing your opponent and have a lot of fun with a virtual card game!
You can learn how to play with the help of a trainer in the game. You will have cards in various numbers and colors. You will throw your cards in turn. To make a set, you must have three cards of the same number. Will you be able to finish the cards in your hand before your opponent in this game where you can open a maximum of two sets?
The person whose card ends first becomes the winner of that game and the other hand or game begins. When you complete the sets, you have to continue the game by selecting the complete button. Face your opponent in this game and try to finish all the cards you have before him. How much will you be able to think logically in this game that wants a strategy?
Good luck.



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