How to play Pill Volley Beach ?

Beach volleyball, one of our favorite games of summer, is now available at home! It could be freezing out there. We may also have to wear very thick clothes when we leave our homes, but at beach volleyball we're going to put our caps on our heads, put on our bathing suits and play!

I know you love summer. And I know you miss it a lot. You're not alone in this. We've already missed it.

Beach volleyball can also be very boring in single play. That's why we made this game for two. Come on, find your opponent. Your brother? Or is it your mother? Let's get started.

The top 10 score earns the game! Let's see who wins the game. Don't forget to tell us which one of you won! So we can meet our most talented athletes already. If it's really to play on the beach, unfortunately we have to wait for the summer months to come again.


Player 1: W A S D
Player 2 : Arrow keys

If you're playing from a phone or tablet, you can play by clicking on the screen. 

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