How to play Pin Circle?

I'm sure you know the Pin Circle game. But you know by a different name! Have you ever played the AA game before? I'm sure you played. This is just like him! You have to stick with pins or round ground. However, this will not be as you think. It is constantly spinning where you stick the pins. Its speed can vary. Being too slow and too fast will make the game even more difficult. The most difficult part is that the upper parts of the pin should not touch each other.

However, I am sure you will love the Pin Circle game, which is easier than the aa game. If you have already played aa before, we are sure that you can have a good time in this game as well. AA sometimes the difficulty level can be annoying, but the Pin Circle size will not make you feel that way. That's why we think it's a game for you.

Don't forget to share your highest score with us on screen share!
In fact, be sure to share with your friends, not just with us, so they will understand how talented you are. So you are the coolest kid among your friends!

Numbers are written on all pins. This number shows the fine you have to throw. Don't forget to check the rotating area thoroughly. If you do not evaluate the rotating area correctly, unfortunately the pins will not fit. Even if the pins touch each other, you lose the game. I know you don't want to lose So you have to pay attention to the advice to test Pin Circle.


Use Space if playing from the computer
If you are playing from a phone or tablet, you can play by clicking the screen

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