How to play PONG game?

You are faced with a legendary game that everyone loves! You will have a lot of fun with this simple interface ping pong game. Come right away and find out how to play!
On the green field, you will see an entrance where the ping pong game starts. On this screen, there are keys for both players to play. With these you will be able to play the game and bury your friend on this field!
If you want to play one person, you have to press '1' on your keyboard and '2' if you want to play for two people. Then the game will start immediately and you will start controlling your boards.
Your goal is to try your best to make sure that the ping pong ball doesn't hit your wall and hit your opponent's wall! Contrary to popular belief, there are no holes for the ball to enter. It just touches your wall. That's why you will be constantly active in the game. No time out, there is a win!
Good luck.


Player 1: W-S

Player 2: P-L

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