How to play Pou Online game?

I don't think anyone knows about Pou. Everyone has met this lovely friend before. He made him say something, bought clothes and even played games.
But as we explain, of course we'll assume that you don't know Pou. Pou is crying when the game is opened! Because he is hungry! Go to the kitchen and feed him. She is also dirty and sleepy. You can take care of all this by visiting the rooms!
You need money to buy food. You can do this by going out and playing games on Pou!
Take care of Pou and take care of him! It belongs to you now! Your responsibility!
If you earn enough money, you can decorate the Pou however you want. You can buy him new clothes, hats, glasses. You can even change the color of Pou if you wish!
We also told about Pou for those who do not know. Those in the know have already started playing with Pou. Take care of Pou right away, too! Have fun!



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