How to play PRECISE CANNON game?

Santa Claus at work! This year, Santa gave his gifts early and decided to spare the rest of the time. You've never seen him like this before!
Santa Claus went to a playground to have some fun. He liked this game and started to play it.
The aim of the game is to hit the images in front of you. But not all! Some are there to lower your score. When hit, you must shoot. Your bullets will be replenished in each new game. You must win the hand before finishing them.
If you want to make this game more fun, you should try the two player mode! The game will be different and more fun when you play with a friend.
This time, bubbles will fall in your friend's and your fields from above. You will try to shoot them. Some of these balloons contain surprises for your friend! For example, you can prevent him from shooting for a while! The one with the most scores within the given time will win!
You must be very strong in this battle against your friend! It won't be easy to beat him. Stay focused and don't miss any balloons!
Have fun!


One player mod: Mouse.

Two player mod: Z and M.

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