What can be done with this cute cooking box? What good flavors can be created? So are you a good enough cook? If you want to learn the answers to all these questions, this game is for you!
Your goal is not actually to completely cook a meal. You will also make makeup supplies. So how will this happen? You have the recipe for the makeup materials you will make. You will combine the materials and create masterpieces!
You will not be able to get enough of having fun while doing this process, which is very similar to cooking. After you have made your makeup box, you can make your lipstick.
You will then make your headlight and freeze it. After decorating your lipstick with glitter, you will also decorate your headlight. You will clean around the container and choose the color of your box.
You will also choose the decorations and mirror of your box. Do not forget the brushes and other eyeshadows and lipsticks you put in. Have fun guys!



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