Are you ready to work in princess fashion salon? Show your hand ingenuity and let everyone choose you. Are you confident enough to do this? Come and prove it!
Start by choosing one of the 3 beautiful princesses. They will go through 4 stages. These are spa, makeup, dress up and the last step, show! You have to take extra care at every stage. Because they're a real princess!
Wondering what to do at the spa? Let's explain. First, you will wash your beautiful hair. Then you will cream and rinse again. Dry at the end and collect.
Because it's your turn. You will cream and rinse. Their skin will become beautiful again with these creams. Eliminate pimples and put a slice of cucumber in your eyes to smooth the under eye.
Powder and finish last. At the next stage, you will do your makeup. Get her hair very cool and complete the other steps. You have to see them for yourself by playing. You have to experience the excitement and fun like a real hairdresser.
Have fun!



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