How to play PRINCESS MASKED game?

Princesses should wear masks too! This is for their health and society. So what if masks and clothes need to match? That's what you are for. You will ensure that they make the most compatible combination with their masks.
There are 4 princesses you have to dress up. All must be more beautiful than the other. As a stylist, only you can do this job. They trust you very much!
The princesses are waiting in line. You will dress these 4 princesses in turn. After finishing the first one, the other will open. They all have beautiful clothes. All of them want to be more beautiful than others.
Our advice to you is to dress them in a different concept. While choosing sports clothes for one, the other should be stylish so that they do not envy each other! Talk to them while choosing their outfits and masks and remind them how beautiful they are.
Being a stylist is not that easy! Princess dressing is not that easy, especially! Good luck and have fun!



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