How to play Princess Puppy Caring?

Our princess is getting ready to go to a beautiful party today. They're going to the party with their cute dog Puppy. When he wakes up in the morning and goes to feed Puppy, he's surprised by what he sees. Puppy's cabin, the princess's lovely dog, is on fire. He saved Puppy, but there's very little time left for Puppy and the Princess to get ready for the party. 
Let's help them.
We'll start at Puppy's cabin. Let's clean puppy up with the Princess.
When Puppy's ready, let's put make-up on him in our princess's wonderful room. And when she's done with her makeup, let's put on her best dress. And don't forget to wear your best crown!
Don't forget to share the final version of our princess you're wearing with us with a screenshot!


Use mouse to control

If you're playing with the mobile device, touch to controlIf you're playing with the mobile device, touch to control

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