How to play PRINCESS STORY GAMES game?

Once upon a time there lived a girl named Cindirella. Cinderella was staying with her stepmother and half-sisters. But they didn't like Cinderella at all. They had him do all the housework, but he never complained.
She was doing that job even when her sisters tried new dresses. He told his sister Cindirella, who was one day older, that they would go for a walk. They told him to do housework again.
His stepmother asked him if he was cleaning the floors. Cindirelal replied, not yet. Hearing this, the stepmother suddenly went crazy. He said he slept all day and had something to do. Cinderella said quietly that this was not true.
One day the kingdom decided to hold a ball. All young girls in the city were invited to this. Because the aim of the king was to find a fortune for his son ...
You will see the rest of the story as you progress in the game. As you read the story, some matches and puzzles will appear. After passing these, you will be able to read the rest of the story. Have fun!



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