We all know the Mario game. Again, we all remember the mushroom columns from which the marion came out. This time, the only difference is that a rabbit comes out of it! Yes, they are very cute. But our goal is to punch them! Sometimes a man in a suit can also come out of here. Try not to hit this guy. Otherwise, you will be minus. Let's beat sweet bunnies with blue and red fisted hands! If you are the only one, you can play against the computer. But if you have another friend who knows how to punch, play with him. Who is faster and more ruthless? Focus and wait for the rabbit to come out. Then punch him. You can tell from the slope of the rabbit who punched it first. Strive for a high score from your opponent! Do not take your eyes off the screen for a moment. And of course don't take your hand off the keys. Or you will be the puncher! Focus!



Use touch or mouse.

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