How to play RACERKING game?

Wouldn't you like to prove your skills again as a great driver? With this game, you will experience fun and competition at the same time while proving your driving skills!
Your goal in the game is to pass 3 people competing with you. So how do you do that? You will follow your progress in the game from the left of the screen. You will control your car and have a great ride over ice.
The ice you have stepped on will disappear in a few seconds, so you must drive your car constantly so that your car does not touch the ground of the track and explode. You have to go left and right, but when doing this, you should be careful that there is no ice in the place you go.
In this competitive game you will improve yourself while proving your driving skills. Good luck and have fun! You should aim for the highest score you can!


Mouse - Move

Double click - Jump

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