Red And Green : Candy Forest


How to play Red And Green : Candy Forest game?

You are faced with a colorful game. The music playing in the background will fully connect you to the game. You will get excited and will play as you play!
You should pay attention to the time on your screen. While playing the game, you must collect the candies on your way, and most importantly, the key. While the candies will give you plus points, the keys will allow you to move on to the next level. It will unlock the doors.
You will even see some floors moving as your level increases. Will you be able to easily finish this game which is getting harder and harder? If you trust yourself, take a friend with you. Let's see if he will play as well as you.
Sometimes you will find that these moving floors become very small. Try to overcome all difficulties and reach the next level. Finally, take pride in ending the game!
Good luck runners! Many different obstacles will be waiting for you!



Arrow keys.

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