How to play RedBoy and BlueGirl 2 game ?

The second version of fire and water game is here! This game will entertain you as much as the first. Pass all levels with cooperation in this game where you will play with two people! Which of your friends will help you more? Call him!
The characters are more cute and the tracks are more difficult! Fire cannot walk in water, water cannot walk in fire. You already know these rules from the first game. Go through all the stages along with all the other rules. There are easy and normal levels.
As you progress through the levels, new levels will be unlocked. There are keys inside the sections. If you collect enough keys, you will be able to move on to the next stage. Collect these keys cooperatively! These keys are vital.
Good luck and have fun! Enjoy the game to the fullest with a friend!


Fire boy - Arrows, Water girl - WASD.

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