How to play RETRO CAR XTREME game?

We have a great game for those who love retro style! This game is a car racing game. Your cars that you will race are designed in retro style!
You can play this game with your friend or alone. You can also choose the degree of ease for yourself and start your first race.
There are 6 racetracks in the game that you can choose from. You will play these race tracks one by one and unlock others. Burn down the track in this game that will get harder and harder!
On the track, you can follow the panel with cars on the screen. In addition, there are special powers that you can use to block other vehicles on the track. You can use them to secure first place.
You can see how many laps you are on at the bottom right of the screen. Good luck.


Player 1: WASD and T

Player 2: Arrow keys and P

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