How to play Reversi Multiplayer game?

You can play the Reversi game with a friend, against the computer or in multiplayer. There are all kinds of options and they're all exciting!
First of all, this is an intelligence game. You should know this before starting the game and only those who are confident should come! Don't be afraid, actually this is the checkers game we know. With the help of the computer, you can be the best in this game and defeat all opponents!
You have to decide which mode to choose before starting the game. After selecting it, you must select the difficulty level of the game. This is again the lowest option in the same panel. You will then start the game.
Each of you has a certain duration. Whoever is next, his time will progress. So you will see how long you've been thinking.
The stones in the game are black and white. If any piece jumps over black for example and reaches the other square, the color of the black stone will now be white. The same goes for the black stone.
The aim of the game is to make all the stones of your own color. Compete against those who know this game very well with the multiplayer mode! Those who are confident should play this game now!
Good luck and have fun!



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