How to play roasted duck 2 game?

This game has a variety of turtles, flowers, obstacles, doors. How can a game contain all of these? Surely a very fun game!
Your goal is to collect the orange icon on the platforms and move on to the next stage. You will pass through the doors to the next stage. Each episode will get more and more difficult. If you are playing with a friend, the fun is doubled and the game becomes even easier!
Two player mode and single player modes are available in this game. If you want, you can make the platform even more fun.
Each of you has a certain right to lose life. If you run out of rights, the game is over before they can complete the platform. So you lose. That's why it's so important to overcome obstacles and spiny turtles! Who is confident? Let's see if you can win this difficult game!
Good luck and have fun. You will need luck.


Player 1: Arrow Keys

Player 2: WASD

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