How to play Robots World Battle game?

Puzzle has never been this fun. Moreover, the puzzles are in the form of a robot and 3D! We are sure this will be very exciting.
Your aim is to assemble the robot you encounter in parts. Not all parts of the robot will come across at once. You will start making your arm first. Then you will move on to other parts. Whatever you have to do, it will flash.
You can see these parts on the right of the screen. Under the screen, you have your time. So you will see how many minutes you make the puzzle. If you are fast and smart enough, this may take seconds!
Are you really confident in putting the pieces together? Will you be able to solve this seemingly easy but actually very difficult puzzle? These robots are so complicated! Who can handle it?
Assemble the pieces as soon as possible and show the effects of your imagination. Have fun!


Mouse click

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