How to play ROCKET ROAD game?

Ready to control a ball on a 3D track? With this game, you will completely fill the bored moments with fun and you will not understand how time passes!
This game has three colors, red, yellow and blue. The ball you have to control starts with one of these colors. As you progress down the track, you will encounter other balls that you need to collect. You must combine the balls of the same color as yours. For example, if you are racing with the yellow ball on the track, you will lose if you get the red or blue balls!
When you reach a mark with three triangles on the track, the color of your ball also changes. Now you need to continue the rest of the track with this color. You can control your ball by pulling it left and right. You can see your progress in the level on the upper panel.
Good luck.


Move: Mouse 

Pause: Enter

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