How to play ROOFTOP SNIPERS game?

With the background sound of this game, you will be able to fully adapt to the game! You are a secret agency and the enemy has blocked you.
You were about to bring very important information to the company. Get this agent out of front of you and move on. Otherwise, the company will fire you. This agent wants to steal your information. You have to engage in an armed struggle with it.
Well, will you be able to bring this information to the company? Come and show it!
What if this agent had a friend? Would you still fight it?
You can fight with your friend in this game with two player modes. This time he will be your enemy! It is trying to prevent you. You have to get rid of it!
This information should reach the company one way or another! Shoot anyone who comes in your way and throw them down. Falling down loses and another score is written to score!
Defeat your friend in this difficult challenge. Good luck, agents!


Player 1: W and E

Player 2: I and O

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