Have you ever won in the rock paper scissors game? Are you confident in this game of chance? Do you have a tactic in this game that has determined the outcome of many claims until now? If yes, heat things up by bringing in another friend who is just as assertive as you are to add more difficulty to your two-player challenge! Or try to win the war by playing alone against the computer! Determine your tactics beforehand and start the war! Try to beat your opponent with the given number of moves! Do you trust yourself enough to win this tough challenge with ease? Come and show everyone that this game is not a game of chance. Show the day to those who think they can beat you in front of you with only three options, rock, paper and scissors! Good luck or lots of strategy, and have fun!


You can control the game by touch controls or by "A,S,D" and "J,K,L" in keyboarded devices.

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