How to play SANTA CLAUS RUSH game?

Santa Claus on the cover looks very happy. But actually things are not going so well. This year, when Santa Claus goes out to distribute gifts on Christmas Eve, people who don't like him set a trap for him. They trap him in a track and start sending missiles. On the other hand, there are gifts to give you.
Santa Claus decides to play this game with them and trusts you so that he can give these gifts to you on time. Because you will help him in this game. You will jump where necessary and crouch where necessary. But the most important thing to do is collect gifts!
This year Christmas will take place with your help. If Santa cannot collect enough gifts, some children will not be able to receive their gifts and will be very upset. We wouldn't want that to happen, would we?
Come and help make Christmas look great. Good luck and have fun!


Mouse and Arrow Keys

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