How to play SANTA HILL CLIMBING game?
Are you ready to have a great Christmas holiday with Santa Claus and other characters? You will have a lot of fun and feel the warmth of Christmas with this wonderful game!
You can choose the car you want to get started. The characters will also change according to these cars. There are some cars that you cannot buy. Santa will help them! All you have to do is learn how to make money.
You will be on the car on a snowy road. There are gifts to collect for Christmas. You should also buy gas for your car to go. You can see them all on the road.
This is how Santa collects his gifts this Christmas night! All you have to do is help him collect the gifts! You can save your money and buy more cars. Each car will be more powerful than the last. They will help you have a great Christmas night!
Have fun with all the Christmas kids!


A-or arrow keys

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