How to play SANTA QUEST game?

With this great Christmas puzzle game, Santa will get the gifts to collect. He collects them to deliver them to beautiful children like you. But he needs your help to get these gifts this Christmas time. Will you be able to provide him with the necessary support?
There will be 3 gift packages to collect on the way. These are your Christmas gifts this year. Make sure all of them reach the exit.
You will play a total of 80 stages. In these stages, you will connect the glaciers correctly and ensure that Santa Claus reaches the exit. You don't need to use all of these glaciers. Just combine it to collect all the gifts!
Be a nice kid on Christmas Eve and Santa Claus will give these gifts to you too! Have a good Christmas Holiday with the gifts you receive!
Collect amazing gifts for Santa with this awesome puzzle game. Enjoy your holiday with fun! Have fun!



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