How to play SANTA RUN CHALLENGE game?

How about a great challenge to Christmas 2020 with Santa? Thanks to the Christmas tree and Christmas must-have snow in the background of the game, you will have a great time!
Santa Claus walks in the snowy weather and has some trouble! These are Santa's deers! They challenge Santa and want to kill him. Some snowmen also cooperate with deer!
You need to help Santa to overcome them. You can fly off the roofs of some houses and stumble upon trees! Christmas trees look great in 2020 too!
Santa has three lives on this difficult road. If you come across these monstrous Christmas deers or snowmen three times, you will be burned. You lose the game.
Also, there are gifts you need to collect for the Christmas children on the way. You can get a higher score by collecting them. Good luck!


Mouse click

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