How to play SEESAWBALL game?

You will have to make a decision when starting this game. Do you think this decision will be an important decision for you? Come and learn together.
Three balls will appear as you start the game. Beach ball, basketball ball and soccer ball. Choose the ball that suits you best and let's start this game!
This game is more of a racing game than a soccer game. Your goal in this fight where you can play with a single key on the keyboard is to move this platform with two castles. At your command, the platform will move left and right, and the ball in the middle will react accordingly.
To avoid scoring, you have to be faster than your opponent and lower the platform to his side. Thus, the ball will go by itself and the goal will be scored. You can check your score from the top two sides of the screen.
Your castles will be in blue and red. You will win the game that scored 5 goals and you can see who won on the screen. In this game, score as many goals as you can against your friend and try every ball.
Have fun!


Right side: K

Left side: A

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