How to play SLOT CAR RACING game?

Are you ready for a car race with the best cars on a stunning track? You must enter this breathtaking adventure as quickly as possible! You can also play with a friend if you want.
In the single player mode, you will see two options, a fast race and a challenge. You should choose which one you want the most. Starting with what you are best always provides motivation! Choose all modes in single player mode and start the two player mode. Because this will be more fun.
There will be many tracks in this mode where you will play with your friend. Starting with the first one, you will see more and more difficult tracks. The interesting thing is that you will not be completely controlling the car here. You will gas your cars with a single button.
But if you give more than necessary, you will leave the track. If you pay less than necessary, you will lose the race! Good luck!


Player 1: ALT

Player 2: CTRL

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