How to play SNAKE AND LADDERS MEGA game?

You are faced with a legendary game! Moreover, there are up to 4 player modes! You can play this game with as many friends as you want.
So how can you play? The game is very simple. You will play on a card. You have your dice at the bottom right. The dice will change to whatever color the next person is. This way, you won't have to worry when you forget who's next!
There are stairs on paper. If you come to these, you can go higher. Moreover, suddenly!
The computer will count for you, so you don't need to calculate your destination. But if you come to the box with the head of a snake, you will be directed to the box at the other end of the snake.
This means going further from the castle you want to reach! I hope you are lucky and you don't come across snakes! Otherwise, your progress will be wasted.
Who can reach the castle first? Try. Good luck!



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