How to play SPACE MISSION game?

This could be your first space mission! In this game, you will be thrown into a war in space and you can also play with a friend if you want. If you don't have friends, you can even play against the computer!
After deciding on the player mode in the game, you must set the ease difficulty level of the game. If you are confident, choose the 'deathmatch' mode! After that, you have to choose the arena where you will fight. You can choose free space or labyrinth area!
You can start the battle now! Your screen will be divided to left and right in the arena where you will fight. In two player mode, you can see your life and the map from this panel. Before you run out of health, you will find the opponent from the map and shoot him. Your goal is to destroy his spaceship!
Of course, there will be some obstacles you will meet on the map. These will be a meteor stone or satellites that will shoot at you constantly! You have to avoid them and focus on the opponent and destroy them before they destroy you. Good luck.


Player 1: WASD and Shot: G

Player 2: Arrow keys and Shot: L

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