How to play Sprinter Heroes ?


How would you like to take part in the marathon?

We're looking for the fastest runner in the world. Maybe the talent we're looking for is not far away. Well, what do you say? I think it could be you. To understand that, what you need to do is choose which country to represent. There are athletes from many countries, you can choose what you want and start competing.

When you play, you have to press the right and left direction keys very quickly. His mechanics work just like in real life. If you press the keys randomly, our athlete falls to the ground and you lose a lot of time. If you lose time, you lose the race.

I'm sure you don't want to lose the race!

And you can play this game with your favorite friend, or your brother. So even in corona days, the fun in your home never ends. Life fits into the house in a more fun way!

Come on, who's going to win the world marathon? You or your friend?

Don't forget to share with us who's winning!  So we can find out who the famous athletes of the future are now! Let's start the competition.



If you're playing from a phone or tablet, you can play by clicking on the screen. 

You can play with the right and left direction keys

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