How to play STACK MAZE game?

This is a running game where you can spend your time and have a lot of fun! In this game, you will get the excitement of running and strive to reach a better score every time in the game.
In the game, your character is a boy and is ready for an adventurous parkour! If you are ready, start! In the game, you will move the character in the direction it needs to go. The boards on the way will gather under your character and your character will rise higher and higher.
The purpose of climbing high is to overcome high obstacles. There will be other obstacles to overcome at each level, and you will encounter them as you progress. When you overcome all obstacles, you will advance as far as you can with the boards accumulated under you.
You will progress to scores such as 100, 200, 300 as much as the boards accumulated under you. That's why you have to collect all the boards on the path. Good luck!



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