Stick Duel : Medieval Wars


How to play Stick Duel : Medieval Wars game?

Stickman characters are after another adventure! They got into a fight with each other. But this is not like the street fight we know! Let's look at the details.
Your characters are orange and blue. They are on a vehicle and they are trying to approach the rakba with this vehicle and kill him with the swords in his hand. They are very active, but if you focus enough, you will solve this problem.
You have health indicators on the top of the screen. As this decreases, you will earn a star. The course is different at every level and things get more difficult. You better strategize before progressing in the game!
The background gives the feeling of being alone in a forest, caught up in a war with nowhere to escape. This increases the excitement even more.
As your stars accumulate, your weapons will become more powerful. Good luck and have fun!


Player 1: AD

Player 2: Arrow keys

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