Stickman Bros In Fruit Island 2


How to play Stickman Bros In Fruit Island 2 game?

Are you ready for a very exciting adventure on a track with Stickman characters? You can play this game alone or with one or two friends. Playing a lot is always more fun!
You and your friends will collect fruit on a platform full of obstacles. You have to collect all the fruits in each section. You can see the number of fruits you need to collect at the bottom of the screen. When you reach that number, you will switch to the other section automatically.
There will be thorns and pointed sticks on the platform. If you are worth them, you will have to start over that level. After opening the level you want, you can increase the number of people. This is a very cool feature!
Can you pass all the levels in this game? To answer that, play the game right now! Have fun!


Player 1: WAD

Player 2: Arrow keys

Player 3: IJL

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