How to play Stickman Sports Badminton?

Everyone likes to play badminton, right? Even though you love it so much, don't you have a friend to play with? Is your racket worn out? Then this game is just for you. It is almost no different from the real game. You can play the game for 1 Player or 2 Players. There are "Normal" and "Hard" game modes when playing against the CPU. You can choose the number of sets as 5.7 or 9 in the game. At the same time, the boosters (big racket, fireball, faster) and some negative bonuses (gradually) in the game increase the fun. Come on, show your friend or CPU who's the better player. Good luck!


PLAYER 1: Move / Jump : "W,A,S,D" Swing Racket : "SPACE"

PLAYER 2: Move / Jump : "ARROW KEYS" Swing Racket : "M"

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