Street Fighter 2 Endless


How to play Street Fighter 2 Endless game?

The street fighter has entered a very difficult battle this time. He's in conflict with all the other street fighters and they're all attacking you! Moreover, their backs are not cut. They all come upon you to fight with you!
Your aim is to defeat them all using the keyboard keys. You can go left and right on the screen, jump or crouch. Beat them all this way.
Fire comes out of your hand. You will also use this fire to destroy them. Show them what it means to unite against you.
You are the red outfit character. Those who want to fight with you are also in white. They are not stronger than you. You have to defeat them with the right moves.
You will have a lot of fun fighting in this game. Because none of them will be able to beat you. Come and experience the excitement for real. Good luck!


Arrow keys or WASD and Space.


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