How to play SUDOKU CHRISTMAS game?

You will have a great Christmas 2020 with this game! You are faced with a game that will take all your boredom on vacation! How about a new adventure with Santa?
For those who like to use their intelligence, santa claus chose this game. Because this game will really challenge you. Unless you choose the easy level.
You can play on three different boards: 4x4, 6x6 and 9x9. Before starting the level, you must also choose the difficulty level. Those who are confident really choose the hardest level! If you are also confident, come and show that you can handle this game!
This game is a christmas sudoku game. You will find Christmas trees, Christmas houses, Christmas candies in this game. There cannot be more than one of the same images in each row and each column. The logic of sudoku is that each row and column has a different shape.
Santa and his deers will accompany you while playing this game. They really want to have fun together this Christmas holiday!



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