How to play Sumo Party game?

You are about to have a fun wrestling with big sumos! You are on a round platform and a sumo is coming to you! If you kick this approaching sumo off the platform, you will earn a score.
There is a button on the main screen of the game that shows you how to play if you wish. Learn all the subtleties of the game with this button and knock over the sumo you encounter!
You will see a variety of dishes on the game platform. These allow your water to grow. Get fatter by eating them and beat the sumo.
You can play with two people if you wish. Wrestling with a friend is always more fun!
Try not to fall off the platform. Or you will lose! You can be a giant sumo with the food on the platform! Giant sumos have better chances. But you have to play strategically!
Good luck!


Player 1: Arrow Keys
Player 2: WASD

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