How to play Super Buddy Run ?

Are you ready to go through a rough course with Super Buddy Run? You're going to have to collect the stars you collect in each episode. But collecting stars may not be as easy as you think. 
What are these stars for? 
That's a good question! 
As you accumulate these stars, you'll be able to buy new costumes. That's why the more stars you collect, the more costumes you can buy. The way to collect the most stars is to pass the episodes. There are gift packages in every department. You can earn the most stars with these packages.
And if you ask me how the costumes are, I can give you some clues as to what the first costume is. We all wear masks and pay attention to social distance to defeat the corona virus. He doesn't want to be a corona virus in our puppet in our super buddy run game. That's why there's a masked puppet in the first costume. Come on, pick up the star you need as little as you need, and don't let our puppet get a virus in the corona. 
Super buddy run is a game just like super mario. If you like playing Super Mario or miss it, I'm sure you'll love this game too. 
Let's get started playing! And don't forget to share the highest scores you've ever made with us! Win the most beautiful costume and high score! 


Click on the screen with Mouse
If you're playing from a phone or tablet, you can play by clicking on the screen 

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